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Not having full access to your refrigerator can be quite a hassle.

If you happen to be experiencing issues with your refrigerator or refrigerator parts, contact us as soon as possible. Dealing with the inconvenience of a malfunctioning refrigerator can add unneeded stress to your life and your household.

So put an end to it today, we're just one simple phone call away. We can be at your home for a service call on the very next available appointment. If you need affordable refrigerator repair or refrigerator parts in Dana Point CA, let the professionals handle it.

You have more important things to spend your time on than trying to do it yourself. Not to mention, possibly complicating the situation or making matters worse.

We have a long track record of excellence. Our hand selected team of licensed technicians is available to provide you with remarkable and prompt service at low prices.

We generally diagnose refrigerator issues, replace refrigerator parts, and perform standard refrigerator maintenance. We also handle a wide spectrum of refrigerator repair service. Whether your refrigerator is new or old, and no matter the brand or model, we do it all. We service refrigerator repair in Dana Point CA. We are proud to provide high-quality professional appliance repair.

You can rely on our dependability and timely refrigerator repair service.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Maintaining perfect condition of a new refrigerator means following proper care instructions as per its manual. Generally, one must make sure to replace water filters every six months. The same frequency should apply for cleaning condenser coils and fans. The rubber seal for your fridge and freezer door should also be visually examined and tested for air holes. A worn out gasket (seal) should be replaced immediately. Lastly, defrost your freezer after frost or ice accumulates builds up - assuming your refrigerator doesn't have an auto-defrost solution. You can use a hairdryer to quickly melt the frost / ice.


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